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London’s Best Wine Cellars and Restaurants to Try This Month

Wine Cellars London

London is a hive of amazing restaurants, clubs, wine cellars and bars. Finding somewhere to go is rarely a problem, however, if you like to be in the loop of the newest and coolest wine cellars, bars and restaurants in London then why not try out our hot list.

The Salon in Brixton has been closed for refurbishment for a little while now, however, has reopened last Friday with a cool new decor and menu. The bar and wine cellar have been filled with the restaurant’s favorites bottles.  The menu boasts a Nordic British fusion with wild mushrooms, chestnuts, and cod roe all playing roles in the new selection of dishes. If you fancy buying something to drink, the wine cellar next door sells a range of wonderful bottles with only a minimal corkage fee to pay to the table to enjoy. Failing that you could always take it home and put it in your own wine cellar / drink straight out of the bottle on the route (which ever takes your fancy).

Not to be out shone by the dazzle of Brixton market, Kensington too plays host to a wine room with a twist. Not just a  restaurant with a wine cellar, Kensington comes with a triple threat wine bar, wine shop and restaurant (serving wine of course). Offering wine tasting courses, brunch, lunch, and dinner, the Kenginton wine rooms is part of a chain with other venues listed in Fulham and Brackenbury. Opened since 2009, the place isn’t new but has become increasingly popular with the development of social media. #WineWednesdsays, now a prominent advertising feature and favored by Decanter magazine the rooms can sit up to 40 people with 150 wine choices stashed away.

Wine cellars in London are not hard to come by but a bespoke cocktail and wine list in an orange jump suit? Not every day. If fine dining is not so much your thing and you fancy a new experience rather than just a night out then why not try heading to prison? Just for a couple of hours.. Alcatraz bar offers a full convict experience with orange jump suits as standard. Greeted by the warden the venue has all the makings of a good wine cellar (dark and damp) however the steel prison cells quickly remind inmates that this is no luxury Mayfair bar. The urban bespoke cocktail theme is based around the inmates being able to smuggle in their liquor past the warden, thus you drink what you can get in. It’s all fun and games..until you get caught with contraband.

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