Custom Restaurant Wine Display

‘Being recognised by the client as pioneers of the importance in understanding proper climate control” gave us a thrilling sense of delivery – Vinomagna. 

Being hand selected by one of the industries true wine professionals, a ‘sommelier’, to deliver this double sided custom restaurant wine display was an honour.

Delivered within twelve weeks, the display now calls one of London’s most exquisite Japanese teppanyaki restaurants “Onodera” it’s home. 

Angelo had a clear vision for his style of custom wine cellar display.  He wanted to best store, handle and also give his wine presentations from one stylish display.

The partnership synergy with Angelo’s expertise in addition to passion in handling wine, allowed a smooth, harmonious design experience. The Custom Restaurant Wine Display stands at 3.5m wide by 2.5m high and has two internally built in separate climate controlled zones. 

Custom Restaurant Wine Display Cooling Systems

It has two separate custom cooling systems built within. A cooler side of 5c for white wine and also champagne and the right side at 14c for red wine. The double glazed doors have been with fitted with rubber gaskets, a slim profile frame and completed with recessed sprayed Matt black hinges.

On view from the seated dining areas of the restaurant, in the heart of Onodera. Note; the rear glazed viewing panels display the identical internal accessible bottle layouts from the back of this wine display. The shadow gap aligned panels are fully removable for servicing access and fitted with concealed fixings.

The Led lighting selection incorporates waterproof 2700k spectrum warm white light spots in addition to strips. Lighting zones controlled by wireless dimmable wall mounted keypad controllers allow for simple control.

This custom restaurant wine display is built in a toughened grade matt sprayed timber. It is also a perfect example of a freestanding structure that can be secured floor to ceiling. This maintains the structural integrity, without the use of a heavy gauge steel structure.

Every detail in the design considers aesthetic characteristics and also daily service use of this custom restaurant wine display.

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