Bespoke Wine Cellars

We specialise in concept design imagery, fabrication and the installation of Bespoke Wine CellarsGo directly to our portfolio of bespoke wine cellars designs here!

While some of our clients like more extravagant, bold visual displays, others can prefer classic, chic or more contemporary designs. As part of our design process, we will generate 3D 4k rendered images of your perfect bespoke home wine cellar. We’ll also invite you to visit some of our many show home wine display projects in and across London.

At Vinomagna, the use of an array of finishes within our projects has no limit, see below:

The Process of installing your Bespoke Wine Cellars

We ask our clients for a design theme based on colours and finishes. Key design input elements revolve around  our clients surrounding space integration. We encourage our clients, where possible, to provide samples and imagery of the interior design theme to follow. Following the initial design meeting, the designer will get to work immediately with the render creations of your bespoke wine cellar. At this stage we allow you as many revisions as necessary to create your perfect bespoke wine cellar visuals.

Due to the experience of our designers, our clients very quickly find the perfect display solution. We hold catalogues of many examples of previous bespoke wine cellars with ranging styles. No matter how custom the display, the characteristics that are conducive to proper wine storage will always follow through.

Once your chosen bespoke wine cellar design is finalised and order placed we can normally be in manufacturing within 5-6 weeks. Most of our custom wine cellars take 4-8 weeks to manufacture.

During the fabrication process,  you will be invited to the factory to ensure everything in the design is built in line with the vision.

Wine Storage Features 

As wine lovers we have shared the heartbreaking experience of spoilt wine and the horror that can present when that wine is part of a beloved wine storage collection. Vinomagna believe in the care of your precious collection of vintage wines as the most paramount design consideration to us. Our custom wine cellar climate control expertise plays a key feature of all Vinomagna Bespoke Wine Cellars.

Functionality is key, in addition to humidification, ventilation and the cooling systems our senior engineers design therefore, custom climate control features are carefully considered in the design process of your bespoke wine cellar. We keep all mechanical plant concealed within cavity designs and bulkhead spaces to ensure we maintain style and functional balance.

At Vinomagna the beauty and customisation process of our clients bespoke wine cellars will be handled and designed with all the essential understanding of wine storage preservation. This, in turn, is delivered through the critical engineered presence of our custom climate control systems.

When storing wine, minimal temperature changes should occur therefore, an  Air Conditioning Installation would be the wrong application to use for wine storage rather, a Bespoke Wine Cellar Cooling refrigeration system should be used. Using an air-conditioning system would dry out the space and cork the wines over a short time period, additionally, air-conditioning units do not operate at the 5-14c which most wines require!

Heard enough? Email us your plans to begin the process of your Vinomagna bespoke wine cellar TODAY!

Wine Longevity Specialists


Vinomagna is the UK’s leading wine longevity specialist.

Through years of refrigeration and climate control experience we understand how to maintain stable built environment climates. In our current “Wine Display Climate Control” video we demonstrate for the first time ever, the assembly of the internal coolers built in our factory.

How is Wine Cooling different from other methods of cooling you will probably ask! Vinomagna regularly talk of there being a difference between standard Air conditioning cooling and the type of cooling required for wine preservation. The simple answer is REFRIGERATION!

What is refrigeration?

Refrigeration is the process of removing heat. Air conditioning systems use refrigerant gases and perform a refrigeration cycle. In this` cycle, refrigerant gas is pumped by a compressor around a closed loop system of devices and copper pipe work. The refrigerant being compressed and expanded, creates pressure changes which in turn changes the temperature of the refrigerant. The expansion of the liquid state refrigerant pumped from the outdoor condenser creates a pressure/temperature drop. This happens within what we call our internal “coolers”. The technical term for the coolers is “evaporators”. The refrigerant evaporates within the “evaporator” by the exchange of heat across the cooling coil. This heat exchange is caused by the fan drawing heat within the wine display air across the evaporator coil.

Why refrigeration over air conditioning?

Air conditioning works on the same general process of heat reclaim and rejection via an external unit called a condenser. However, for wine, the refrigerant pressure and temperature design is based on the application. The refrigerant selection is based on a type with a lower temperature and pressure that is capable of reaching the temperatures required for food and drink. The refrigerant selection for an air conditioning system operates on a higher temperature and pressure relationship. This is why a standard air conditioning system will only be able to achieve a set point temperature of around 16-18c – which is as cool as a room needs to be for the average human.

Lower temperature gases create higher temperature differences of the air on and off an evaporator. The higher the temperature difference between the air on/off, the more dew point condensation is created on the cooling coil. The more dew point condensation present, the more moisture is removed and the dryer the air becomes.

Thermostatic Control is KEY

Each of our custom wine coolers has a gas control device called a thermostatic expansion valve. In the video watch as our engineer shows the fitting process and explains the custom pipe work assembly involved. The TEV (thermostatic expansion valve) controls the amount of liquid refrigerant supplied to the evaporator. This is fully adjustable and set by our engineers during the commissioning process of a Vinomagna Bespoke Home Wine Cellar. The aim is to saturate the cooling coil to achieve a 5-7c temperature difference between the refrigerant inlet and outlet. This ensures the refrigeration cycle is balanced and achieving its design heat reclaim KW duty.

Cooling design

The duty design selection process is to achieve reaching the desired temperature for the space. The duty design requirements, size and spacing of the evaporator coil fins are also selected to have the lowest air on and air off differences, therefore reducing dew point condensation on the coil and slowly reclaiming the heat. Maintaining higher moisture levels preserves the corks of the wine. The reduced heat reclaim process in turn reduces temperature and pressure fluctuations that shock the wine. Vinomagna delivers each and every wine display project with this technical design understanding making us the leading wine longevity professionals.

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Bespoke Home Wine Cellar

bespoke wine cellar display london

A modern, bold, bespoke home wine cellar!

Mr Turner – “I chose Vinomagna as I wanted a bespoke home wine cellar that was modern and very different from everything very traditional looking I was seeing online”

This basement space had one of the highest ceiling spaces to fill with storage shelving, and plenty of wine to fill the shelves. Design discussions started in 2015 when our client was completing his home renovation. Mr Turner had a very specific look in mind for his bespoke wine cellar. He left the space as the final piece of his home renovation puzzle to give his full attention to in achieving his dream wine storage space.

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