Bespoke Wine Cellars

We specialise in concept design imagery, fabrication and the installation of Bespoke Wine Cellars.

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While some of our clients like more extravagant, bold visual displays, others can prefer classic, chic or more contemporary designs. As part of our design process, we will generate 3D 4k rendered images of your perfect bespoke home wine cellar. We’ll also invite you to visit some of our many show home wine display projects in and across London.

At Vinomagna, the use of an array of finishes within our projects has no limit, see below:

Acrylic   Stone    Corian    Metal    Glass     Timber    Fabrics 

The Process of installing your Bespoke Wine Cellars

We ask our clients for a design theme based on colours and finishes. Key design input elements revolve around  our clients surrounding space integration. We encourage our clients, where possible, to provide samples and imagery of the interior design theme to follow. Following the initial design meeting, the designer will get to work immediately with the render creations of your bespoke wine cellar. At this stage we allow you as many revisions as necessary to create your perfect bespoke wine cellar visuals.

Due to the experience of our designers, our clients very quickly find the perfect display solution. We hold catalogues of many examples of previous bespoke wine cellars dwith ranging styles. No matter how custom the display, the characteristics that are conducive to proper wine storage will always follow through.

Once your chosen bespoke wine cellar design is finalised and order placed we can normally be in manufacturing within 5-6 weeks. Most of our custom wine cellars take 4-8 weeks to manufacture.

During the fabrication process,  you will be invited to the factory to ensure everything in the design is built in line with the vision.

Wine Storage Features 

As wine lovers we have shared the heartbreaking experience of spoilt wine and the horror that can present when that wine is part of a beloved wine storage collection. Vinomagna believe in the care of your precious collection of vintage wines as the most paramount design consideration to us. Our custom wine cellar climate control expertise plays a key feature of all Vinomagna Bespoke Wine Cellars.

Functionality is key, in addition to humidification, ventilation and the cooling systems our senior engineers design. Therefore, custom climate control features are carefully considered in the design process of your bespoke wine cellar. We keep all mechanical plant concealed within cavity designs and bulkhead spaces to ensure we maintain style and functional balance.

At Vinomagna the beauty and customisation process of our clients bespoke wine cellars will be handled and designed with all the essential understanding of wine storage preservation. This, in turn, is delivered through the critical engineered presence of our custom climate control systems.

When storing wine, minimal temperature changes should occur. Therefore, an  air conditioning installation  would be the wrong application to use for wine storage. Rather, a bespoke wine cellar cooling refrigeration system should be used. Using an air-conditioning system would dry out the space and cork the wines over a short time period. Additionally, air-conditioning units do not operate at the 5-14c which most wines require!

Heard enough? Email us your plans to begin the process of your Vinomagna bespoke wine cellar TODAY!

*** Bitcoin Accepted Here ***

Bitpay Wine Cellar

Buy Bespoke Wine Cellars With Bitcoin

Numbers don’t lie, and when it comes to statistics of people who possess bitcoin, the figures are semi-predictable. In 2015 online surveys conceded that 40% of bitcoin users were between the ages of 25 and 34. The second largest group of bitcoin users were the 35 to 44-year-olds coming in at 22%. The 19 to 24-year-olds took the bronze medal spot with 16% of the bitcoin usage. This is fairly unsurprising as millennials are always up to date with trends, however, 25-34-year-olds are more adequately set up to actually buy and facilitate bitcoin usage. So what about the older generations? 45 and overs aren’t buying Bitcoin. Why? Most believe its not sustainable and don’t want to take the risk of investing actual money into it. The rest most likely aren’t bothered by it and are happy to use real currency.

Vinomagna accepting bitcoin payments for bespoke wine cellars is a huge leap into a technologically advanced generation. A common cliche in the wine world is that bespoke wine cellars are only commissioned by people over a certain age. However, a new study shows that 24 to 36-year-olds are planning on building £5million worth of wine cellars in the next 5 years. As this age group also encompasses the bitcoin user age, it only makes sense to start accepting bitcoin. Accepting Bitcoin will open the floor up to younger people who currently trade.

What is Bitpay?

The crypto equivalent to Paypal. Bitpay is a universal Bitcoin payment service provider and one if not the largest Bitcoin payment controller. Bitpay was created in 2011, 3 years after Bitcoin was made. From day one, Bitpay knew Bitcoin would go on to refashion the financial world and make buying and selling an all around easier experience. The main reason Bitpay was conceived was to make it effortless for companies to accept Bitcoin.

Bitpay is the largest Crypto-coin processor partnering with mega-corporations on every continent bar Antartica. Bitpay operates a smooth and stable transaction service used invariably by a huge concentration of bitcoin users.

The future of Bitcoin is very positive. On the heels of groundbreaking technology, coming up with avant-garde services and mechanisms. Bitpay merchants are growing and Vinomagna are the first retailer of bespoke wine cellars to be added to the list.

The Project Of The Month

Bespoke Home Wine Cellar

bespoke wine cellar display london

A modern, bold, bespoke home wine cellar!

Mr Turner – “I chose Vinomagna as I wanted a bespoke home wine cellar that was modern and very different from everything very traditional looking I was seeing online”

This basement space had one of the highest ceiling spaces to fill with storage shelving, and plenty of wine to fill the shelves. Design discussions started in 2015 when our client was completing his home renovation. Mr Turner had a very specific look in mind for his bespoke wine cellar. He left the space as the final piece of his home renovation puzzle to give his full attention to in achieving his dream wine storage space.

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Wine Wall Refrigeration – Is Your Wine Safe In Summer?

Keep Your Wine Feeling Fine

Summer is here. It’s a hot 22 degrees in the UK (scorching for British standards) – out come the vests, baseball caps and sunscreen. Out come the paddling pools, water guns and that chilled glass of wine. But then you remember – what about the custom wine wall in your cellar? Will it be ok? Should it be cooler down there? Do I need wine wall refrigeration?

Don’t worry; in this latest news post we’ll discuss the correct temperatures and procedures in order to keep your fine wines at their best with our short summer guide.

Wine Wall Refrigeration – Nice And Cool

Wine and heat don’t usually tend to mix well, and temperatures higher than 21°C (70° F) will age your wine a lot faster than you’ll want it to – so try to keep it chilled in the best way possible during summer. You can actually “cook” your wine if the temperature gets too high, killing the beautiful rich flavours and aroma. To put it shortly, yes – you will need to get wine wall refrigeration installed and control the temperature so that you keep your fine wine’s tasting and smelling incredible during hot summer weather.

The Perfect Temperature 

So there’s no “perfect” temperature per se, but an ideal range is between 10° C and 14° C (50° F – 57° F) and should keep your wine at its optimal state. Once tricky to achieve during hot and humid summer conditions, luckily there are solutions today.

Air Conditioning to the rescue? Not so much. If the temperature is controlled by an air conditioning installation, this causes the corks to dry out and allow air to seep in from the lack of moisture – spoiling your wine. It is an absolute must to control the temperature with custom climate control and in this case, wine wall refrigeration in order to keep the wine at the desired cool temperature without drying out the wine.

Keeping It Constant

One of the most important factors when storing your wine even more than the “perfect” temperature – is the consistency in temperature. Rapid and sudden changes in the temperature and humidity on a frequent basis will expand and contract the liquid, leading to all kinds of problems such as the cork being forced out and causing the wine to seep through. Avoiding these rapid temperature swings is paramount in ensuring that your wine keeps its flavour and aromatic properties as many have found summers in the UK have had very drastic changes in the temperature on a day-to-day basis.

Wine cellar climate control allows absolute total control on the temperature in your wine cellar, keeping consistency in both temperature and humidity that won’t let the hot climate affect its maturing process.

Lights Out

Degradation of wine can occur from sunlight, in which the UV rays penetrate and age the once-gorgeous wine prematurely in your beautiful wine wall – something to remember if you’ve got your wine wall in an exposed location with direct sunlight. You’ve probably wondered why wine have coloured glass bottles (usually green)- it basically acts as a shield a lot like wearing sunglasses, preventing wines from oxidation which is a common fault with wine. Household light bulbs aren’t a huge problem as they don’t damage the wine, just keep them dim as the labels can fade. If possible, use fluorescent bulbs over incandescent bulbs due to the minimal amount of UV light emitted.

Up, Down or Sideways?

Wine cellars have typically stored bottles on their side to stop the corks drying out from the liquid wine being kept against it. Correct bottle ullage and cork contact ensures cork life span and natural breathing of the wine. However, horizontal storage of wines in a rack also helps save space, keep your wine for the long-term and looks a lot nicer too. While not necessary for wine consumed within a short period of time, it does add lot bit of oomph to the style of your home wine cellar – who doesn’t like to see an old-school wine rack in your cellar?


Summer time is here, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye on humidity levels in case it gets too dry. Humidity is a key important factor when storing your wine and making sure it tastes as good as it can. Typically, wines should be stored at a Relative Humidity (RH) of around 60-65%. If the air is too dry, this will lead to the corks to dry out – allowing air in to spoil the fine wine, especially in 10+ years storage. It’s always a good thing to install a dehumidifier to keep your wines at its peak consistently and avoid a build up of mould from damp conditions. The mould probably won’t affect your sealed wine, but the labels definitely will get damaged and dampened. If you’re not so much of a perfectionist, anywhere between 50% and 75% is safe.

Don’t Let It Out

Just keep the bottle shaking to a minimum, we know it’s tempting to get all the wines out in the sun. Wine spoils very easily if left outside, so refrain from opening any bottles or leaving them in front of all your friends out in the garden. Exposing the wine to hugely varied temperatures and conditions will cook and destroy the flavours. Don’t let them out of the cellar!

Should I Invest In a Wine Wall Refrigerator?

In our opinion, yes – it’s an absolute must. Whether you’re a beginner starting out or a professional looking to make improvements where possible, wine wall refrigeration will keep your wines perfectly cool in the blazing hot summer we have ahead of us. Your wines will become your new obsession, and you’re going to want to make sure they mature as fine as possible. Don’t let your hard work go to waste, it’s not worth it. Check out a recent wine wall project below



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How To Increase The Value of Your House With a Wine Cellar

Bespoke Wine Cellar Designers say a wine cellar can increase the value of your property

As one of the leading bespoke wine cellar designers in London, we have found that building or installing a wine cellar in your house can boost the value by £10,000 to £20,000. In the UK this would translate to around 8% increase in the value of your property. A report in 2014 revealed that just under 2 million people in the UK were planning on building a custom wine cellar display in the next five years, in hopes the new build would increase the price of their property. So why would building a custom wine room increase the price of your house? (more…)

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