Under Stairs Custom Wine Display

‘When I first designed an under stairs custom wine display, I felt pushed out of the familiar love filled spaces within the home. Challenges to create wine storage for these type of unloved, forgotten dwellings within a home, have now become my passion’  – Craig Ellis

Display your wine in which home location?

The kitchen is the heart of the home for some individuals. However, others find the privacy of a bathroom or bedroom their sanctuary. In this case, what is typically home to Mr Henry the hoover, the CCTV alarm and wet brollies has now become an iconic, under stairs custom wine display. The displays signature Vinomagna features include warm LED under lit shelving and all the concealed built in climate control functionality.

Standing at 2.5m tall at its point of highest elevation. The custom under stairs wine display is finished in moisture resistive timber core and aluminium profile single glazed doors.  Wrapped in a matching oak veneer, this display is another show-stopping design delivery of unused and once unloved space. Furthermore, the custom made antique brass door pulls further accentuate the luxury feel. Stand in front of the floor to ceiling doors of this custom wine display design and pull to expose the internal beauty.

Managing non conventional installation parameters

The final design took a literal twist in delivery when the staircase was changed to a spiral design. We maintained the display flush fit aesthetics by a design change of adding a bulkhead, plinth and matching side panel storage. It is often the case that wine display design changes occur due to a site structural build work change or limitations. However, we do not charge for these design changes prior to the start of manufacturing. Furthermore, our installers were fully equipped to make additional minor adjustments during the fitting process.

Under Stairs Custom Wine Display Cooling features

The display sits just over 500mm deep off the back wall, aligning with a structural wall column to the the right. This is the most shallow display we have designed with the climate control built into its internal bulk head feature. In most cases, the climate control system would have sat in a purpose built hermetically sealed overhead ceiling void. However, with some creative engineering and joinery design we had to modify the display upper level slightly. The air flow supply and return distribution is one of kind ensuring equal cooling across each cabinet partition. The bespoke wine cellar cooling system sits concealed within the bulkhead of the custom wine display. This allows full-service accessibility behind a removable timber panel. Also, these front facing panels feature a pair of classic, brass, royal mariner porthole instrument dials displaying the temperature and humidity.

Bottle display and the lighting design

All of our bespoke wine cellars ensure the bottles sit at the correct orientation. This allows the correct contact with the cork and ullage position within the bottle. See our video on how to store wine.

The shelving distance has been perfectly spaced to allow full visibility of the bottle labels. Additionally, the Led lighting design wattage perfectly illuminates all the bottles for no dark spots. Further note the striking visible vertical lights within the door frames. These visible lights give the display a very modern twist on an overall very classic rich wine display finish. A warm led colour theme was chosen to integrate with the overall basement design lighting spectrum. Furthermore, the lighting levels are fully adjustable on the home automation system through the mains dimmable lighting drivers.

The display also features an LCD temperature adjustment controller tucked away in the bottom structural panel. The controller allows a temperature adjustment from room temperature down to +14c. Our custom wine cellars range in temperature design parameters dependant on your specific wine requirements.

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