Under Stairs Custom Wine Display

‘When creating a custom wine display for the home, we are often pushed out of the familiar love filled spaces of comfort within the home and challenged with creating wine storage for the unloved, forgotten dwellings within the house’  – Craig Ellis

For some individual’s the kitchen is the heart of the home. Others find the privacy of a bathroom their sanctuary. In this case, what is typically home to Mr Henry the hoover, the CCTV alarm and wet brollies has become an iconic, under stairs custom wine display. Warm LED under lit shelving and all the concealed built in climate control functionality of a signature Vinomagna display.

Standing at 2.5m tall at its point of highest elevation. This custom under stairs wine display is finished in moisture resistive oak and aluminium profile single glazed doors.  Wrapped in a matching oak veneer, this display is another show-stopping design delivery of unused and once unloved space.

‘Custom made curved leather wrapped door pulls further accentuate the luxury feel. Stand in front of the floor to ceiling doors of this custom wine display and pull to expose the internal beauty’

As with all of our custom wine displays, we ensure the bottles sit at the correct orientation. This allows the correct contact with the cork and ullage position within the bottle.

Sitting just over 500mm deep off the back wall made it also necessary to router in concealed air vents throughout.

The wine cooling system sits concealed within the bulkhead of the custom wine display. This allows full-service accessibility behind a removable timber panel. The front face of this panel features a pair of classic, brass, royal mariner porthole instrument dials displaying the temperature and humidity.

The delivered display had an additional concealed storage cupboard for small items such as glasses and bottle openers.

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