Vinomagna Takes Custom Wine Cellars To New Depths

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Throughout the centuries wine has been looked at in both literature and life, as a liquid of ritual. Binding together participants of births, deaths and anniversaries this nectar of the gods is not merely the fermented juice of grapes. For those of the community considering one’s self to be connoisseurs of such luxury, storage of wine can be just as important as the consumption. Wine storage has gained considerable reinvention since the catacombs of Edgar Allen Poe. No longer must one walk in darkness in the underground caves to age our favourite drink. Today, custom wine cellars can be both functional and architecturally beautiful.

The desire to store wine for ageing can be financially rewarding and wonderfully gratifying on the taste buds. However, there are rules that even a modern wine cellar must adhere to. The first darkness, wine is best stored away from light. However wine storage can incorporate LED lighting which does not affect the ageing process while adding sophistication to a wine display. The second, wine should be stored on the side so that the cork does not dry out, custom humidification in all Vinomagna bespoke wine cellars will help to maintain moisture in the air and aid in preventing corking.

Custom Wine Cellars

Functionality is key in all displays and rooms and one of the most important components of wine storage is temperature control. Wine storage temperature should not go over 75˚F (24°C), for longer than brief spans of time. At 75°F, the wine begins to oxidise. An ideal temperature for storing a varied collection is 54°F (12.2°C). As wine lovers ourselves Vinomagna have shared the heartbreaking experience of a gone off wine and the horror that can present if that wine is part of an expensive storage collection.


Vinomagna truly believes the preservation of your precious collection of vintage wines. Aesthetics and functionality are of paramount concern in the design process. Climate control expertise plays a key feature of all Vinomagna Bespoke Wine Cellars and custom wine cellars, wine walls and wine rooms. Functionality is key, with humidification, ventilation and cooling systems designed by a team of senior engineers. These custom climate control features are carefully considered in the custom design process of your bespoke wine cellar. Keeping everything hidden and discrete within cavity designs and bulkhead spaces, our designs are flawless.

Wine Storage

It is important to remember that not all wines improve over time. Generally, new world, inexpensive wines will not improve with wine storage in custom wine cellars. Red wines can be stored and aged for anywhere between 2-10 years to mature in the right wine cellar environment. This, however, depends on the type of red wine and the balance of its sugar, acid and tannins. Most white wines should be consumed after 2-3 years of storage. (though select White Burgundies (Chardonnays) can be aged for over 20 years.).


Traditionally, wine cellars have been built in basements to aid in temperature control for preservation. This crude method offers no stability to your collection; furthermore one simply cannot be drunk lurking in a dungeon. “Wine comes in at the mouth and love comes in at the eye”. Then a climate controlled custom wine display seeks to advocate such legend. In an (all be it) a slightly inebriated moment of brilliance, the custom design team dreamt up what can be considered a shrine to wine. Our recent custom wine cellars project incorporates the true nature of sophistication. With a measure of artistic modern flare…watch out for the next project coming soon to our portfolio.

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