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Wine has throughout the centuries, in both literature and life, been the liquid of ritual. Binding together participants of births, deaths and anniversaries this nectar of the gods is not merely the fermented juice of grapes. For wine collectors, the storage of wine is just as important as the consumption. No longer should the dull darkness of underground dated custom wine cellars be the place to age, display and consume their favourite drink.

The desire to store wine for ageing can be financially rewarding and wonderfully gratifying on the taste buds. However, there are rules that even a modern wine cellar must adhere to.  The number one rule for best stored wine practise is low lumen lighting. Wine storage can incorporate LED lighting as it does not affect the ageing process while adding ambience to a wine display. We offer custom humidification in all Vinomagna bespoke wine cellars. Demineralised humidification will help to maintain moisture in the air and aid cork life span. Additionally, it is best to store wine bottles at an angle to keep the wine in contact with the cork

Custom Wine Cellars

Functionality is key in all displays and rooms and one of the most important components of wine storage is temperature control. Wine storage temperature should not go over 75˚F (24°C), for longer than brief spans of time. At 75°F, the wine begins to oxidise. An ideal temperature for storing a varied collection is 54°F (12.2°C). As wine lovers ourselves Vinomagna have shared the heartbreaking experience of a gone off wine and the horror that can present if that wine is part of an expensive storage collection.

Vinomagna truly believes the preservation of your precious collection of vintage wines. Aesthetics and functionality are of paramount concern in the design process. Climate control expertise plays a key feature of all Vinomagna Bespoke Wine Cellars and custom wine cellars, wine walls and wine rooms. Functionality is key, with humidification, ventilation and cooling systems designed by a team of senior engineers. These custom climate control features are carefully considered in the custom design process of your bespoke wine cellar. Keeping everything hidden and discrete within cavity designs and bulkhead spaces, our designs are flawless.

Wine Storage

It is most noteworthy to remember that not all wines improve over time. Generally, new world, inexpensive wines will not improve with wine storage in custom wine cellars.

Red wine has varying periods of maturing and generally stored and aged for 2-10 years to mature. This still depends on the type of red wine and the balance of its sugar, acid and tannins. In turn, white wines should be consumed within 2-3 years of storage. There are select White Burgundies (Chardonnays) that can be aged for over 20 years.

Engineered Climate Control

To utilise cooler ground temperature for preservation, wine cellars have mostly been installed in basements. However, modern wine collectors no longer want to hide their precious collections in the home basement. The lounge, kitchen and other focal living areas of the home have become the place of choice of display.

In 2008 a climate control engineer, Craig Ellis, and a high end joinery manufacturer modernised the business of wine cellars. In previous years wine cellar furniture fitters had never implemented the most fundamental part of wine storage. Specific bespoke wine cellar climate control implementation for the space was left out. A small plug in cooler system was the only solution in hand.

The future for home wine cellars: Vinomagna

Today Craig is the lead M&E designer for Vinomagna, heading the brand as an industry leader in custom wine cellars. No more corked wines, hot and cold spots or due point condensation filled damp across walls.


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