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Global Wine Production Falls To Lowest Levels Since 1961

‘Global wine production falls to lowest levels since 1961’

Stock up your custom wine cellars, as it has been predicted that this year the wine industry will plummet to it’s lowest levels in more than 50 years.

The UK wine industry believes the extreme weather conditions of frost and drought in France, Italy, and Spain (the top three producers of wine for the UK) are accountable for the decrease in wine production.

It has been projected that the total wine production could fall 8% from last year, causing inflation as well as the disappearance of many of our favourite bottles of vino.

Italy and France, in particular, have both suffered from extreme variance in weather conditions, of intense summer heat combined with frost and drought. Italy suffered freakish weather this summer after temperatures rose to more than 40C in a heatwave that was named “Lucifer”. Combined with soaring temperatures frost has plagued many vineyards, decimating grape harvests by destroying the first leaves that grow at the beginning of the season. These leaves are crucial for a strong flourishing vine which the grapes then grow from. Heavy drought can affect “dry farmed regions” , sudden decrease or increase in rainfall results in fewer bottles produced per acre, a lower production rate for the owners of the Vineyards.

Italian wine production will fall by 23%, Spain’s production is estimated to be 15% lower than last years and France will suffer a 19% decrease, predicted to be the worst harvest since 1945 said the European Commission.

As the chancellor increased wine duty in March by 3.9%, adding 8p to a bottle and there have been talks of a further increase to this duty, it looks like a duty freeze is actually what we need! With wine production at a 50 year low for the UK, high inflation costs and additional duties potentially being added to wine, the last thing the UK wine industry or British consumers need is an additional increase in duty.

Hopefully, the extreme weather conditions balance out and bring a better harvest for the forthcoming years and although the wine producers will be set back with their supplies, we shall be compiling our favourite bottles of wine into our very own custom bespoke wine cellar here at Vinomagna – ensure there is no drought in the office.

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