Bespoke Home Wine Cellar

A modern, bold, bespoke home wine cellar!

Mr Turner – “I chose Vinomagna as I wanted a bespoke home wine cellar that was modern and very different from everything very traditional looking I was seeing online”

The perfect way to end 2017, with the design and delivery of this master bespoke home wine cellar.
This basement space had one of the highest ceiling spaces to fill with storage shelving, and plenty of wine to fill the shelves. Design discussions started in 2015 when our client were completing his home renovation. Mr Turner had a very specific look in mind while researching bespoke wine cellars online. As the final piece of his home renovation puzzle, Karl gave his full attention to achieving his dream wine storage space.

Furthermore, Mr Turner agreed our first design concept with no changes and approved immediately.

This bespoke home wine cellar stands at 2.7m high and 4m wide. The display has over 60m of 24v led lighting, creating a vivid lighting display free from any dark loss of light areas. Each shelf and therefore bottle stands out creating a bright high end shop front display feel. The side walls are lit with a 360 led parameter of light around brushed steel rod bottle supports. The center shelf has a very funky front facing strip light beam to further add to the modern theme.

Bespoke Home Wine Cellar Lighting Control.

The display has 7 lighting zones of control to create the perfect balance of dimming. Each zone fully controlled by a wireless 7 button flush finish control interface. Outdoor electronics as standard have a certain IP rating to protect water and moisture damage. IP or Ingress protection refers to the level of sealing to protect from moisture and foreign bodies. Lighting within a wine cellar will be subject to moisture and condensation due to the low ambient temps. Therefore, we used the highest rated IP65 silicone wrapped LED lighting strips. By using this level of protection we improve our product integrity to stand the test of time in the environment.

This bespoke modern wine cellar has a bulkhead finished in a black mirror finish acrylic. To further push on the modern theme are matt black linear air flow grills. The return air pulls from behind all areas of the display and distributes balanced cooling through the bulkhead grills above.

Moisture Resistant Joinery Package

The joinery in this bespoke home wine cellar has a moisture resistant core to further add to the durability in cold damp wine storage conditions. Man made moisture resistant core timber comes with our 10 year guarantee. Natural wood is not the best choice for a wine display due to its porous nature. Natural wood will absorb moisture very easily over time and exhibit serious degradation. Heavy wine case weight will cause natural wood to bend, bow and swell. The overall structure will also twist and move away from the surrounding walls. Natural Wood will also lose its lustre (moisture/richness) and during this process crack and shrink.

Cooling for Custom Wine Cellars 

The wine cooling system is spread across two evaporators equally positioned and concealed in the bulkhead. The temperature sensing probs are positioned in the bulkhead to reduce hot spots from rising heat. The temperature controller is set a degree lower than the overall average required. This is a great way to slightly vary the bottle temperatures to store those ready to drink at a lower room level. Dual temperature zoning is great feature to be able to apply to an entire walk in wine display. Small Wine cabinets such as Eurocave also offer dual zoning through a similar method of control.

To fully appreciate the magnificence of this custom wine display design, please see our short installation video here: Custom wine room


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