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The London Wine Fair 2017

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It is that time of year again! The Kensington Olympia plays host to one of the UK’s biggest London Wine Fair. Next week, wine and spirits from around the world are to be showcased by exhibitors young and old. 

Offering pop up tastings, seminars and master classes in wine. The show promises to submerge all senses in all things grape.

Last year, our favourites from the Curious Emporium, conjured up sweet inspired recipes that had our nostalgic taste buds fluttering. Mr Gladstone’s confectionary range of wines was showcased in great custom wine display with sweets and signs in an Alice in Wonderland themed pop up stand. Prompting passers-by to “DRINK ME”, the show was a clear success for the brand. It now can be seen across the likes of Amazon and various supermarket chains in the country.

If, however, you prefer a little less playful or niche and a little more refined… Then this year’s “Wine Unearthed” section of the London Wine Fair promises to be a treat. A selected 100 “new vineyards” yet to be imported to the mass market. With exhibitors from all over the world, this section often proves to hide a few little gems.

Another great feature of this extravagant wine display will be the dedicated Châteauneuf-du-Pape tastings. A favourite grape of the Vinomagna team, we look forward to seeing what red and whites are on offer by the 12 exhibitors of the 3 kilometre wide french region. We particularly look forward to the production of Chateau Rayas, their vintage bottles store well when preserved in the right wine storage conditions, with bottles such as the 1978 currently retailing in excess of £1,500 per bottle.

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