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Fact and Fiction On Drinking Wine

Fact and Fiction On Drinking Wine from your wine cellar

Wine lovers have participated in universal wine drinking rituals for decades. Drinking wine is less about open and pour and more so the understanding of how to drink a perfect glass starting of course with the preservation of the bottle. There is a considerable list of myths surrounding how to drink wine, while there are also some facts that have become a tradition.

So what is fact and what is fiction on drinking wine? Try these tips the next time you open your wine cellar:

  1. The taste of wine changes depending on the glass used.

So this one is a truth, often different wine is served in different glasses. There is a method to this, for example, red wine is preferably served in a wider glass, this is to allow more oxygen into the wine to “breathe” which helps enhance the aromas and therefore the wine experience. White wine, on the other hand, doesn’t need such a large surface area and so a smaller glass is perfect.

2. A swish improves the favour

This goes back to the first point, especially for red wines. Swirling the wine in a glass draws more oxygen into the wine. So another good tradition with purpose.

3.  Only red wine pairs with red meat and white with fish

While a nice solid red does go well with a steak, that’s not to say there aren’t exceptions to the rule. fish with a more meaty flesh such as halibut is often nicely paired with a red wine, while a light creamy sauce on red meat will often go well with a white wine rather than red, so think about that next time you are heading to your wine cellar for a red with your roast lamb.

4. White wine should be served ice cold

While white wine is generally served cold, this generalisation is used specifically for cheaper wines in order to mask their imperfections. The wine at a more stable temperature is more likely to unleash the delicate flavours rather hide behind the chill. This one is of course down to personal preference, however, we at least recommend banishing the ice cubes.

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