Custom Wine Cellar Display

Lines of Symmetry, imagination, creativity, a huge amount of patience and pragmatism. These are just a few of the requirements Vinomagna designer’s manifest when managing design retrofits of a custom wine cellar display.

Unlike working with a blank canvas allowing you to present great ideas and themes within a custom wine cellar display, here; our designer is forced to work within conflicting functionality parameters. This can limit the flush finish and aesthetic beauty seen within the designed space.

Basement structural waterproofing and build works

This below ground, under-stairs custom wine display, was once again created in the deepest of unloved dwellings –  the basement. Damp walls and minimal support structure was all that could be found in this space. The low two metre ceiling height only presented more problems with century old twisted structural beams. Additional obsticles included floor to ceiling iron support columns and slurry render walls not designed for any fixing penetration.This space truly presented one of our greatest custom wine cellar display design challenges over such a large space. Furthermore, with no pre-existing on site build contractor management or original plans for the house, we had to take on the full waterproofing design. On our first meeting on site the smell of the damp and the signs of mold and mineral build up could be seen everywhere. When dealing with damp walls theres two different sources to analyse.

Under ground water or due point condensation

Its important to know whether rising water from the ground or due point condensation from the room and wall temperature differences is the issue? In fact, it may be both that need addressing with a full membrane, channel and sump pump structural water-proof system. We made the decision of cutting into the ground slab to make an intrusive investigation of what was going on. We found no rising ground water and made the decision to implement a French drain style waterproofing system. If we had found rising water than a channel and sump chamber pump system would have been installed.

French Drain System Design

The French drain system is a great non mechanical way of dealing with the membrane due point condensation. The due point condensation build up, created behind the membrane, will flow into the earth channels we cut. These channels additionally were filled with gravel pea shingle which aids the condensation to flow evenly down into the earth. We also implemented a number of ventilation grills between the stud partitions and custom wine display space. Un-vented wall cavities will encourage trapped vapour areas that will condense an cause hidden damp.

 Custom Wine Cellar Display Design Elements

This design follows the established theme in this basement of the French ‘rustic’ custom white wine cellar situated next door. Luxury marble surfaces and backdrops have become a signature for Vinomagna Custom Wine Cellars. Consequently showcasing what has become our signature bottle formation style of storage in a rich aged smoked oak.

The initial wine cellar design discussed the installation of supporting steel beams to remove the existing columns. However, in fear of severe movement on the finished parquet ground floor above, it meant it became the enormous task for our designer to create a custom wine cellar display retrofit that in true form didn’t look like one. This entailed framing and cladding the columns within the design rather than removing them.

Note; the before images that truly emphasise the possibilities of transforming a space with heavy limitations. If you have a space you would like to discuss any of the endless possibilities we can create, please call or email today. For those happy to start a Vinomagna design process, we can arrange site visits to many of our projects across the UK.

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