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How To Increase The Value of Your House With a Wine Cellar

Bespoke wine cellar designers London

Bespoke Wine Cellar Designers say a wine cellar can increase the value of your property

As one of the leading bespoke wine cellar designers in London, we have found that building or installing a wine cellar in your house can boost the value by £10,000 to £20,000. In the UK this would translate to around 8% increase in the value of your property. A report in 2014 revealed that just under 2 million people in the UK were planning on building a custom wine cellar display in the next five years, in hopes the new build would increase the price of their property. So why would building a custom wine room increase the price of your house?

Bigger, Better, Badder.

Clients want to elevate their quality of life. Being bespoke wine cellar designers we know that whenever people move on they want more than what they previously had. For example, moving from a 2 bedroom house into a 4 bedroom house, or a wine enthusiast might want to move into a house with a custom wine room – or wine display already built.  Wine cellars are perceived as palatial and act as an altar for charming associates. When it comes to quality of life, people will always pay more.


When it comes to buying, emotion plays a key role. If an avid wine aficionado yearns for a custom wine room you can charge whatever you want if they desire it that much. As the saying goes – Build it and they shall come!

Bigger pool, Bigger fish

Installing a custom wine cellar display into your house will attract a completely different assembly of people. In this case the more the better. When selling a house you want as many people as possible to see your property as the competition is intense. The best way to entice people to view your property and bid on it is to have something different. This particular type of In-built luxury captures the wine niche market.

Home cinema who?

There used to be a time where home cinemas were a must-have element in your house. But just like the weather, fads change and now bespoke wine cellar designers are gearing up for their 15 minutes of fame. But why? We all love movies and comfy cinema style chairs. Wine is becoming progressively popular and all fine wines need the appropriate wine cellar climate control systems. Even people who don’t necessarily collect or enjoy wine would still rather have one win their house as it elevates the levels of Feng shui and gives off a lavish vibe. Another point is, there are under stairs wine storage solutions. Try hiding a home cinema under your stairs!

No space too small.

Bespoke wine cellar designers are unflappable when it comes to spaces. No matter how big or small the space you’re working with, a wine cellar can be built. Hidden gems attract potential house buyers, which makes bespoke wine cellars or bespoke wine walls ideal as they can be built almost anywhere; Cupboards, under stairs custom wine display, garages, attics.. you name it, its possible. This is guaranteed to increase the cost of your property.

The Test Of Time

Most 18th and 19th-century houses had inbuilt underground cellars due to the fact there wasn’t refrigeration and most liquids were stored in bottles. So naturally, a wine cellar back then made the most sense. Fast forward 200 years and those houses are worth a considerable amount due to the fact they have a wine cellar. However, back in the 18th and 19th centuries, they were limited to materials and tools which meant going underground was the easiest way to implement a wine cellar. Now, in current times there are various materials and modern tools which make possibilities almost endless.

The Future

Wine cellars of today are already a couple of years into the future with their custom materials and modern technology. So how much will your house cost if it has a state of the art wine cellar in it? Only time can tell, but all bespoke wine cellar designers agree that building a wine cellar is not only functional luxury but also a wise investment for the future.

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