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Top 5 Halloween Inspired Cocktails

Halloween Inspired Cocktails

With all the Tricks and Treats in order for the Halloween gatherings, there’s only one thing left, no celebration is complete without a signature spooky cocktail (or two) to keep your guests ‘dying’ for more. So here at Vinomagna, we’ve taken the hard work out of it for you (you can thank us later).

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How To Wine And Dine Like A Pro

wine display london

Have you ever been out on a date and wondered if you are doing everything right? Should I sit first? How much should I drink? What shall we talk about? There are definitely rules on date night when it comes to wining and dining, and not just when it comes to choosing a bottle from the […]

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Fact and Fiction On Drinking Wine

Fact and Fiction On Drinking Wine from your wine cellar

Wine lovers have participated in universal wine drinking rituals for decades. Drinking wine is less about open and pour and more so the understanding of how to drink a perfect glass starting of course with the preservation of the bottle. There is a considerable list of myths surrounding how to drink wine, while there are […]

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Wine Wednesday Cocktail Recipies

wine wednesday cocktails from your wine cellar

If there is one rule we have been listening to this summer it is to stay hydrated in the heat. If like us you are partial to a glass of wine or a bottle from the wine cellar on wine Wednesday.. or any day of the week.. then why not mix it up with a daily […]

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Vintage Custom Wine Cellar Unearthed In Jersey

vintage custom wine cellar

What does the word vintage mean to you? Old? Well in terms of wine, it is a reflection of the grape that has been grown and harvested in a single specified year. It denotes an essence of quality. With age comes wisdom, one becomes more refined and with wine, rare. So what happens when you get […]

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The London Wine Fair 2017

London Wine Fair Escoterica Logo

It is that time of year again! The Kensington Olympia plays host to one of the UK’s biggest London Wine Fair. Next week, wine and spirits from around the world are to be showcased by exhibitors young and old. 

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Vinomagna’s New Custom Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Cellars Bottle

Wine has throughout the centuries, in both literature and life, been the liquid of ritual. Binding together participants of births, deaths and anniversaries this nectar of the gods is not merely the fermented juice of grapes. For wine collectors, the storage of wine is just as important as the consumption. No longer should the dull darkness […]

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