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Should You Be Raiding Your Wine Room Tonight?

Should You Be Raiding Your Wine Room Tonight?

Wine or Water? Should You Lock Up Your Wine Room? Are you getting enough to drink? Studies show you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day which on average equates to around 2 litres of water. But how much wine can you or should you be drinking? To many, their wine room […]

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Abandon Your Wine Cellar And Drink A Coffee Cocktail

wine cellars are abandoned with coffee cocktails

Anyone else woken up this morning needing a coffee? Step back from the wine cellar and check this out instead. If you spend your day by your desk surviving on coffee and fancy a liquid lunch with an extra kick then why not try some coffee inspired cocktails? For once we won’t be raiding the […]

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Competition Winner June, 2018!

London Wine Fair Competition Winner

Competition Winner! We have an announcement to make – the winner of the premium wine case competition has been revealed. Well done to Andrew C for being the lucky chosen one to get their named pick from a hat! We hope you enjoy it thoroughly, whether you store it in your wine cellar to age […]

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Luxury Wine Cellar Additions – London Wine Fair 2018


Bigger, Better, Bolder. It’s here. Finally. The 38th annual London Wine Fair event of 2018 couldn’t have come at a better time – and they’ve really outdone themselves this year. With appearances from both the established high-end wine producers and outlets, to newer and fresher brands, it’s been a good year for both wine producers […]

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Wine Wall Refrigeration – Is Your Wine Safe In Summer?

Wine Wall Refrigeration is vital in ensuring your wine is stored correctly

Keep Your Wine Feeling Fine Summer is here. It’s a hot 22 degrees in the UK (scorching for British standards) – out come the vests, baseball caps and sunscreen. Out come the paddling pools, water guns and that chilled glass of wine. But then you remember – what about the custom wine wall in your cellar? […]

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How To Increase The Value of Your House With a Wine Cellar

Bespoke wine cellar designers London

Bespoke Wine Cellar Designers say a wine cellar can increase the value of your property As one of the leading bespoke wine cellar designers in London, we have found that building or installing a wine cellar in your house can boost the value by £10,000 to £20,000. In the UK this would translate to around […]

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First Bitcoin Custom Wine Room In The World

Client uses bitcoin to purchase custom wine room

Buy a Custom Wine Room with Bitcoin Fancy a custom wine room? Or maybe you have a custom wine cellar design hidden away that you want to turn into a real-life project? Vinomagna is keeping up with the times and technology by accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment.

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Wine Cellar Climate Control – Is Your Wine Safe In Winter?

Wine Cellar Climate Control is vital in ensuring your wine is stored correctly

So, Spring has finally arrived and we’ve been hit with worse weather than in winter, experiencing snow storms and cold icy mornings While the UK is not one of the worlds biggest wine producers how does the recent bad weather and frosty mornings we’ve been experiencing effect vineyards globally? Does this affect how to store […]

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Is Red Wine Good For You?

red wine good for you

Whats your favourite tipple this festive season? There are so many choices for us to choose from, but what are the effects of these drinks are there any health benefits to drinking alcohol. Other than the usual ‘slightly merry’ effect we are all too aware of, we have delved into the health benefits of our […]

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