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Luxury Wine Cellar Additions – London Wine Fair 2018


Bigger, Better, Bolder.

It’s here. Finally. The 38th annual London Wine Fair event of 2018 couldn’t have come at a better time – and they’ve really outdone themselves this year. With appearances from both the established high-end wine producers and outlets, to newer and fresher brands, it’s been a good year for both wine producers and tasters alike. We at Vinomagna were especially grateful since we got to try some of the most incredible smelling and tasting wines. All the while scouting for luxury wine collections that will complement our clients that have a luxury wine cellar.

With over 14,000 wines from 40 different countries showcased at the 3 day-long events, it was a huge event. We were spoiled for choice of some of the most amazing wine producers and vendors that there were too many to try (without stumbling on the way out). But that didn’t stop us from trying.

Walking through the entrance doors was almost as if it were a gateway to Narnia – it was instantly magical. The atmosphere, the people, the wine. Everyone joyful, swirling, smelling and tasting gorgeous wines from across the globe. Having a blast with like-minded people who appreciate the complexities of wine producing, storing and tasting. 

The atmosphere was friendly, while extremely exciting and relaxed at the same time as everyone instantly clicked and would strike up a sociable conversation just from having the same appreciation of wine. It truly was a brilliant event for the industry, but one wine company, in particular, stole our attention throughout the fair…

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Innovating Wine At Its Finest

A game changer in the wine merchant industry is newcomer The Wine Drinker. Established in 2015, they sell a range of innovative wines, spirits and prosecco. Their aim is to target millennials and put a spin on a very established industry that hasn’t changed in years.

The company actively seeks innovative winemakers around the globe to add to their collection and build up a huge selection over the next few years. This is to shake up the industry currently stale on the innovation side of things. It’s mainly for those seeking unique novelty and not directly for the culturally traditional. Those that prefer the classic approach to spirits and wine needn’t worry as much.

Their business model is simple – the customer selects the wine from a wide variety and is able to customise them. Only the colour is customisable at this stage but hopefully, more options will become available further down the line. When the customer is done selecting and customising their wines and spirits, they simply enter in their payment and delivery details – and the order gets delivered straight to your door. A very simple concept with a lot of work behind it, making the user’s experience easy to navigate and fully customise their chosen selection of drinks.

They also offer a membership subscription in which experts at The Wine Drinker do all the hard work for you by selecting their current top drinks based on your preferences and sending it straight to your door. Therefore, a brilliant service if you’re looking to add a variety of contemporary wines to your luxury wine cellar. Or enjoy a glass or two at the weekend.

Not Just Any Wine For Your Luxury Wine Cellar

The Wine Drinker doesn’t just allow any wine or spirit into their available selection. With a team of tasters and wine experts that understand what TWD is trying to achieve, they select wines based on the 4 key concepts that TWD want to follow:

1. Does it have a story behind it?

The story can be equally as important to the wine as the taste of it. A normal supermarket wine made with automation and machinery will not have the same intrinsic value as one that has a classic story behind it. Therefore backstory adds to the wine, much like an origin story about your favourite movie character – it offers intrigue and conversation – which is brilliant for your Home Wine Cellar.

2. Does it look good?

The aesthetics of the bottle isn’t the most important thing when it comes to wine however, people have always judged a drink by its bottle. Not only are the bottles of their Villa Oppi selection of wine very interesting and appeals to the millennial hipsters of Shoreditch – with labels made from recycled coke cans – the colour of them can be changed in the customisation options. Although not available for all bottles, this is a proof of concept that works very well and offers variety in creating your aesthetically pleasing wine collection.

Furthermore, a “Blue Wine” by Spanish wine company GIK is available to order from the site. Developed by tech entrepreneurs that have found a way to create an actual blue wine. Hugely popular in innovative, open-minded countries like the UK, US and Japan, its skyrocketing in sales year on year. TWD is one of the main outlets you can purchase it from. Blue wine for your luxury wine cellar? Why not!

3. Does it taste good?

The main draw to any wine is the taste of it. Even though its much of a subjective matter, there is a high expectation of taste from the selection offered by TWD. With a focus on products with a difference, it’s important that the drinks they choose still keep their core  “innovative” aspect intact as it but can be very hit or miss with its audience. What TWD does well is ensuring there’s a selection of wine for everyone’s taste while keeping that “unique” appeal about them, thanks to their excellent team of wine connoisseurs.

4. Is it of good value?

One of the standout features of The Wine Drinker’s USP is their commitment to affordability and bang for your buck. With a clear goal visualised, they centre their attention on what the consumer want. They tailor their business to work around what is best for their customers both on quality, convenience and affordability based on their budget.

A growing range of drinks available, there is something for the average consumer of affordable and mid-range wines. This goes all the way to the high-end consumer market of luxury wines that can accommodate a luxury wine cellar.

After all, a luxury wine cellar isn’t complete without an innovative wine collection from around the world, is it?

Designed For Your Lifestyle

The Wine Drinker has a clear goal – creating a service that delivers unique drinks to suit each individual customer. Targeting two types of buyers within this growing market, they want to accommodate both the budget-conscious drinker and the higher end big spenders of the market. They also understand that depending on the customer, everyone consumes different amounts of wine and some even collect them. The Wine Drinker helps do that with its simple and clear website offering a simple, effective service tailored to you. Want to buy a couple of bottles? Sure! A couple of cases for a party or your luxury wine cellar? Not a problem. The Wine Drinker will accommodate you, especially after you’ve got your newly fitted Wine Wall Refrigeration this summer.

Offering more than wine, they have gin too from their newly released website Two Thirsty Bulldogs. Created by the same owner, it’s a fresh take on alcoholic drinks in the industry. In particular, their exclusive Texan gin Wild June freshens things up with its mix of two juniper berries, cinnamon and hops. Hoping to grow this section of the business, they’re constantly looking out for innovation and aren’t afraid to shake things up.

Innovation is here – and it’s revolutionising the wine industry.

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