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How To Wine And Dine Like A Pro

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Have you ever been out on a date and wondered if you are doing everything right? Should I sit first? How much should I drink? What shall we talk about? There are definitely rules on date night when it comes to wining and dining, and not just when it comes to choosing a bottle from the wine display. 

Well here are our top rules for making that first impression stand out…for all the right reasons.

RULE 1: Let the lady sit first

Gentleman, it is always a good gesture and a testament to how you were raised to show manners in all facets of your life, but particularly when you take a lady out to eat. Trying to make a good impression or not, this move should be a staple in your etiquette regardless of whether she notices or displays good manners herself.

RULE 2: Be Decisive

Now in today’s day and age of gender equality, this rule is not about dictating but more so about showcasing your ability to be a problem solver and someone who knows what they want. When the wine list comes, make a choice and preferably not just based on price. As a rule of thumb, red for meat and white for chicken and fish if you are really lost.

RULE 3: Hold the wine glass  by the stem

Not only will this rule have you looking more refined but there is also a little drinking science behind it. Wine glasses were designed in order for the warmth of your hand not to warm up your recent pour. Especially with champagne and white wine, this little trick will keep your wine chilled as though it had just come out of your wine display. It also prevents prints all over the glass.

RULE 4: Don’t tuck in your napkin

While this one seems obvious for anyone over the age of 5, but you would be surprised how many times we have seen the undesirable napkin tuck in a fine dining restaurant. While we appreciate that a messy shirt for the rest of the evening is embarrassing, the fact remains that this is an etiquette no-no, just control how you eat…which brings us to the next rule.

RULE 5: Chew with your mouth closed

Dining is less about filling a hungry belly and more about the social interaction, especially on a date. No ifs buts or maybes on this one, shuvving food into your mouth rather than taking time to chew, swallow and perhaps glance up at the person sitting opposite will leave an impression but not one that will lead to date number 2.

for the final and most important rules, check out this youtube tutorial HERE.

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