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Competition Winner June, 2018!

London Wine Fair Competition Winner

Competition Winner!

We have an announcement to make – the winner of the premium wine case competition has been revealed. Well done to Andrew C for being the lucky chosen one to get their named pick from a hat!

We hope you enjoy it thoroughly, whether you store it in your wine cellar to age for a later date, or simply down them with all your mates at a party. It’s your wine now!

More Competitions Coming!

For those that didn’t win, do not worry! We have plenty more competitions coming up in future events and even bigger prizes to competitions. We are always looking to give away more and more prizes, especially as more people enter our competitions and giveaways.

As Vinomagna grows, so will our prizes. We hope to see more of you enter in our great competitions, especially as we partner up with upcoming wine vendors, distributors and makers.

We want everyone to enjoy wine as much as we do. After all, we’re all here for our love of wine and wine storing. So it only makes sense that we do that, right?

A lot more posts coming up too about how to taste your stored wine, different ways of storing them and even galleries of user-submitted wine cellar designs that can be shared amongst everyone on the site. There are big things coming up for Vinomagna and we want you to be a part of it. We wish to integrate with more and more people, companies and businesses to help them succeed.

Thank you for entering guys, be sure to enter in our next competition!

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