Custom Wine Room Design

This Vinomagna classic custom wine room design optimises opulence for the perfect way to store vintage and rare wines.

This custom wine cellar combines rich dark wood grain with black lines and custom matched matt acrylic fabrication tube storage. The clients interior designer approached us with a basement theme of dark joinery and warm LED lighting. The cellar was created for mixed bottle and case storage, champagne and also magnum bottles. In addition, the limited floor space of 10m2 meant that our design needed to maximise storage space while remaining visually stunning.

Complex Climate Control Integration

This wine cellar is home to some very special imports that were brought in from the client’s bond. Furthermore, the investment was so critical that our client requested the option of back up power supply in the event of a power cut. However, the economical outlook on the cost to implement this outweighed the practicality. In short, it was an option on the design table but not practical as there is no recent history of power cuts in Central London. Instead we increased the cellar wall insulation thickness to hold the temperature longer. Additionally, we incorporated custom automatic humidity top up from a reverse osmosis system. In our experience, demineralising the humidity supply stops wine label damage. This will also stop a build up of calcium on surfaces. Once again, creating a stable preservation  environment for all of the considerations required in wine storage.

Design Focus

Vinomagna designs focus on pushing boundaries and creating timeless show pieces. This custom wine room design incorporates a glazed smoked glass front door with titanium based matt gilver finish door hinges and trim. The marble wrap around shelf allows for the ideal place to pour a taste of your chosen bottle. As always, the ergonomically balanced wine room incorporates our signature lower case shelving. Cross box aisle sections give volume storage while the glass shelves in the pitched sections give the bottles a some what floating effect.

This design demonstrates a beautiful twist of modern finish elements within a dark oak classic custom wine cellar. The finish quality not only of the cellar joinery but also the floor and ceiling are of the utmost importance for a Vinomagna custom wine room design. Implementing a polished plaster ceiling adds a beautiful design feature to the wine room while allowing the custom wine display to remain the key feature.

As is always the case, functionally is a key component of purchasing a Vinomagna custom wine room or cellar. Therefore, our wine storage designs will crucially always include climate control consideration in the aesthetic design. The cooling system here, concealed in the overhead ceiling, is set and comissioned to store and preserve the wine at the perfect temperature.

Custom Wine Room Design Features:

– Solid dark oak hardwood wine cellar joinery 

– Fabric lined pitched shelving

– Leather details

– Glass shelving stops

– Acrylic bottle tube holders

– Corian service worktop

– LED strip lighting

– Warm LED Spotlight display.

– Pull out lower case shelving and 
 the pinched rear concealed draw storage.

– Aisle cross box storage

-Linear single bottle pitched

-Pitched wine bottle shelving

-Gold polished plaster ceiling

– Glazed front door with custom ironmongery brass door pull


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