Custom Wine Wall

This custom wine wall show piece, shows no fear in making its enormous presence known in our clients existing ground floor lounge. Standing at three meters in height and six meters wide wrapping into an adjacent wall recess, this custom wine display is a masterful show piece in this lounge. Its always a pleasure working with clients with big ambitious projects. In this case, our client wanted to take over 30% of their lounge floor space with this custom wine display. Additionally, a huge collection of bond stored vintage and classic red and wine wine were to be housed within the display.

‘Our Client’s custom wine wall display design requirements for this project were simple – MAXIMUM WINE STORAGE ‘ – Craig Ellis

The center display features multiple rows of 3m wide floating LED lit wine shelves in addition to LED spotlighting. The large amount of lighting marginally generates heat heat due to the high specification moisture resistance Led design. The custom wine wall has Large diagonal display shelves running opposite ends from each other to create a wonderful pitched visual display. Due to the 3m width of the center shelves we thickened and reinforced the timber structurally on the back wall. Stronger thicker reinforced timber will stop any shelf bowing over time from the weight of the bottles.

The oak choice of a dark enhanced grain satin finish, also complimented with a mirrored acrylic backdrop  adds depth into the display.

Stone counter tops with custom wine walls add a nice feature addition to timber joinery displays as seen here.

The pitched elevated row sections create a feature like presentation of some of the clients finest bottles. Further, they chose to have single displayed rows with the labels and full bottle bottom profile on display. In additon to showcasing bottles, this home wine cellar design feature also breaks up the space with several feature areas.

The bespoke wine cellars cooling system for this custom wine wall required discreate concealment within the bulkhead space. Additionally, increased consideration was necessary due to the large floor to ceiling wrap around glazing. The sheer size of the display glazing completely transforms the space into more wine display than lounge. Cooling system capacity was therefore upgraded along with the bulkhead sound proofing. Wine cellar indoor units are unlike air conditioning indoor units. The air flow volume, flow rates, fans and coil designs have a more commercial design application compass. This means the noise dB ratings are a lot higher and require sound proofing to dampen the operational sound. In addition, the fans are linked to the temperature controller outputs. The fans will stopped when reaching the room temperature set point.

A mixture of wine racking layouts

Vinomagna’s signature racking designs are often very symmetrical with similar lighting lines throughout. Contrary to this, our client requested a variety of different wine racking feature areas. Even though this strays from the normal styling we were still able to bring the different features together into one harmonious design. The main structure was split into two so the symmetry was applied with identical stone shelves an lower wine case sections. The total bottle storage was over 800 individual bottles and twelve cases. In addition, the custom step up to reach higher bottles was finished in a matching Oak grain. The Project delivery for manufacturing and installation of this bespoke wine cellar was given a three week lead time from the client placing the order to completion.

Custom Wine Wall Design features:

– Curved Glass with Single Door Opening

– Dark Oak Joinery

– Under shelf warm Led lighting

– Lower plinth concealed warm Led effect lighting

– Black Mirrored Acrylic Backdrops

– Pitched Champagne Bottle Holders

– Linear, Pigeon Hole and also pitched Wine Bottle Storage

– Cross Box Bulk Storage

– Lower Bulk Case Storage

– Climate Control System

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