Bespoke Wine Display

Bespoke wine display wrap around lift design

This bespoke wine display incorporates a truly artistic design with innovative engineering, the design exposed both the internal and external components of the wine cellar.

Features of the display:

– Matt gold acrylic diagonal bottle racking

– Warm Led directional spot light display

– Double glazed sliding glass gasket sealed doors

– Fixed mobile rail for double access ladder system

– Under counter champagne storage

– Satin bronze aluminium trim

– Granite serving counter with recessed warm Led strip lighting

– Ostrich wrapped counter base with CNC detail over Led backlighting

– Flocking lined soft touch seamless concealed under counter drawer storage

– Climate controlled temperature display

Once in a while, a client, whose love of wine holds no boundaries requests a bespoke wine display. Combine this adoration with our design expertise and engineering. The result? A wine cellar,  not merely created for function,  but one that is truly magnificent.

This commercial glass lift wine cellar display project incorporated a chilled water climate control aspect to exchange heat instead of air. Due to water having a heat absorption capacity twenty times that of air, this system allows the increased heat load to be removed with efficiency while also saving on bills.

The dual purpose display offers long term wine preservation in the glass, double glazed 1000 bottle storage first of all, while the bottom row of fifteen consecutive under counter champagne units facilitate day to day champagne service.

Lighting is a key component of any bespoke wine display. Direct sunlight exposure can cause the wine to cork and spoil, it is, therefore, important to keep displays in spaces of low light. Given most bepoke wine displays and cellars are built in spaces with no sun exposure, LED lighting is important to ensure the display can be seen and also enjoyed in its entirety. LED strip and also spotlighting are key features in all of our wine displays.

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