Bespoke Wine Display

Combine the most luxurious hotel brand Shangri-La, with the most Iconic site in London The Shard, throw Vinomagna at the helm of design.. The result? A glass lift wrap around Bespoke Wine Display, not merely created for function, but one that is truly magnificent.

Bespoke wine display wrap around lift design

In 2014 the Shangri-La hotel in the Shard was complete and open for business. Once again placing Vinomagna in deep retrofit waters in a venue open 24hrs with high end finishes everywhere. In addition, in true shard style, the entire building of floor to ceiling glazing posed huge UV ray heat gains. In a building with over 50+ floors it would have be impossible to run new first fix mechanical and electrical services for the wine display climate control. However, the hotels multiple Trane Chiller systems provided a chilled water closed condense circuit system. Utilising the nearby water flow and return circuits, supplying the hotel bedrooms with cooling, provided the perfect retro custom climate control solution. Water has a heat absorption capacity twenty times that of air. Therefore, a a 5c water temperature provided the perfect heat exchange rejection for the the refrigeration plant condenser operation.

Double sided dual zone wine display

The dual purpose display offers jaw dropping internal views of the display from inside the lift. However, the glazing and direct sunlight would typically be seen in a green house, not a wine display. It was therefore a short term wine serving storage location due to the UV gains. However, longer term wine storage was designed into the lower level double glazed small displays that can be seen. The wine display houses over 1000 bottles, with the under counter displays allowing for some champagnes also.

A typical Custom Wine Wall is exposed to continual levels of room lighting making it necessary to shade or tint the glazing. Direct sunlight exposure can cause wines to cork and spoil. It is therefore important to build long term wine storage displays in low lit spaces. Given that custom wine cellars are built in spaces with no sun exposure, this client requested design was a show piece before function. LED shelving lighting implementation was equally important also to ensure the display can be seen and enjoyed in the evening setting. 3000k LED strip lighting, with a low lumen output, creates a warm ambient presence in feature wine displays like these.

Design features

This bespoke wine display incorporates a truly artistic design with innovative engineering. This design project pushed vinomagna into engineering and asethetic conflicts like no other. Incorporating some of the finest custom finishes sourced from around the world.

Features of the display:

– Matt gold acrylic diagonal bottle racking

– Warm Led directional spot light display

– Double glazed sliding glass gasket sealed doors

– Fixed mobile rail for double access ladder system

– Under counter champagne storage

– Satin bronze aluminium trim

– Granite serving counter with recessed warm Led strip lighting

– Ostrich wrapped counter base with CNC detail over Led backlighting

– Flocking lined soft touch seamless concealed under counter drawer storage

– Climate controlled temperature display


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