Wine Storage

Storage techniques are the key to any grand wine cellar. Temperature and humidity control play the most crucial roles, along with light and many other important wine storage features.

Wine Storage Custom Wine Room Display Installation

Wine Storage Display Shelving

Here’s a brief breakdown on why these factors really DO matter:

Temperature:  Vintage wines should be consumed at the point in which the producer’s guidelines suggest they are best served. You DO NOT want the wine to mature too quickly or so slowly you miss its peak flavours and aromas. Red wine storage is normally between 14-18c and white wine is between 5-10c depending on the grape type and your own personal preference.

Bottle Orientation:   Observing the 65degree pitch bottle position rule for most wine. This will result in the wine having contact with the cork and the ullage sitting at the top of the bottle. If there is any damage to the cork, with varying temperature fluctuations changing the internal bottle pressure, then this pitching may allow air to harmlessly leave the bottle.

Lighting: It is extremely important to factor in low lumen Led lighting that emits very little heat. YOUR Wine will need to be kept away from powerful fluorescent and UV rays.

Ventilation: The removal of stale air and the supply of fresh air is critical in all long-term wine storage environments. Heat recovery ventilation systems will prevent bacterias and mould spores that quickly develop in cold dark environments. These moulds can grow into the corks and completely ruin a bottle of wine.

Humidity: These levels needs to stay relatively high within a wine storage space. This helps to prevent the corks drying out. However, over humidifying will encourage mould growth and damp so the balance here is key! Finding this balance in conjunction with a ventilation system is something only an experienced climate engineer will know how to implement and maintain.

Check out our Wine Storage videos for some expert advice!

Wine Storage - Custom Wine Room Display - Pitched Oak Shelving

Wine Storage – Pitched Oak Shelving

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