Home Wine Cellar

Since 2017, Vinomagna has seen a rise in clients purchasing a home wine cellar as part of major home refurbishments. Finding a one-stop solution for Wine cellar construction services in London is very niche. Vinomagna are able to offer high-end modern custom wine cellars, structural engineering, building ground works, and fabrication works under one roof. Our 3D wine cellar design services in London are even available to customers who may not be immediately ready to start any works.

Looking for a new Modern Home Wine Cellar? 

Here we have designed another signature modern Vinomagna custom wine display.  This 4.6m wide, six door wine display, has a mirrored timber feature opposing wall. The client’s design requirement was to be sitting in the centre of the basement dining area with wine wall displays on the opposing walls. The space dimensions were too small to fit the required 600mm deep displays on each side. This would have left a small corridor for a dining table and chairs in the centre of the room. Therefore, we matched the wine display bulkhead and plinth heights with a parallel timber structure on the opposite wall. Matching floor and ceiling lighting further added to the lines of symmetry.

Within the display, our typical lowercase storage design ergonomics follow through.

Why store wine cases on the lowest shelves?

A case of wine can weigh up to 20kg! Therefore, it is the safest place to keep the wine in avoidance of dropping such a weight from reaching up to a high position.

Functionality is paramount especially for customers bringing their investment wine in from bond to be stored in their home wine cellar.

Wine cellar climate control solutions!

“Climate Control’ The keyword you constantly hear attached to Vinomagna bespoke wine cellar projects. This display has two wine cellar climate control internal units fitted within the bulkhead. Coolers are positioned at a designed equidistance within the ceiling bulkhead, to prevent hot and cold spots. The joinery is fitted throughout with concealed venting to allow air flow across all shelving spaces. This ensures the wine display has no pockets of trapped air preventing wine bottles in certain areas reaching temperature. Wine storage that has inadequate venting across shelves in an enclosed space will cause wine corking issues. Lower shelves especially will suffer from overcooling.

Home Wine Cellar Wine storage solutions

As the best home wine cellar builders in London, there isn’t a wine cellar solution we aren’t interested in discussing with you. The wine display featured has our signature multiple pitched shelving design with minimal bottle support. Warm overhead LED lighting strips gives the effect that the bottles are floating. Additionally, we use the highest grade of waterproofed lighting to avoid any condensation issues. In the top tier sections of this display, we feature bulk storage options, (cross boxes and pigeonholes),  to create a balance of visual and volume. The doors are an aluminium profile with an oak finish. To prevent the doorframes from bowing due to the varying internal and external room temperature difference, Aluminium and Oak are used. The higher red wine design temperature enabled the use of single glazed doors with gasket seals.

Why are Vinomagna Wine walls so popular?

Wine walls are 8/10 of the design requests we receive for wine storage solutions. They are great features to an entertaining space and often the man-of-the-house’s pride and joy. Lighting is the number one key visual design focal. Our advice for storing wine at home is always based on properly illuminating the shelves. Furthermore, this does not mean overly bright spotlights, but a mixture of concealed and visible lighting. Choosing lighting theme colours within the wine display to match the surrounding space is equally as important. Vinomagna’s modern lighting style has boosted the growth in interest of not just wine, but also vodka and champagne displays.

Even if you’re not ready for an installation, feel free to Contact us today with all your wine cellar construction questions.

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