Contemporary Wine Cellar Display

Another magnificent custom Contemporary Wine Cellar Display was designed here for a very special client. His knowledge of the wine process in addition to his love of wines far surpasses your average wine collector. Coming from a family of vineyard owners and collectors of vintage wine he had a clear vision. Specific about bottle arrangement requirements, humidity and also the finish in his contemporary wine cellar display.

Working with customers who have clear visions for their custom wine cellars aids the design process. However, not everyones vision is transferable into a working product with the budget in mind. Every project is individualized by the working space dimensions and delivering a custom flush finish. High ceilings consequently create increases to doors and glazed panels making them bigger and heavier. These weight increases require structural counter support balancing, moving away from timber to materials like steel.

We converted this existing basement gym into the perfect modern wine storage. Five doors, five metres wide, double glazed with magnetic gasket door seals. The end section boasts a front and side glazed CNC peg racking wine display unit. The pegs can hold up to three bottles per set and are fixed to a counter weight balanced steel L frame.

Custom Temperature and Humidity Climate Control

The climate control system compromises of two internal bulkhead coolers with evenly distributed thermistor sensors. This design will combat any hot and also cold spot issues along the wine display sitting only 650mm deep off the back wall.

In addition to other retrofit issues, there was no mains water was available, presenting an obstacle with humidity in this design. We managed to incorporate a low-level manual top up the humidifier to aid with any low humidity issues. It is essential to use de-mineralized water when introducing humidity into a wine display. Calcium and scale from tap water can end up causing damage to the bottle labels otherwise.

In a sealed basement custom wine display such as this, with double glazing and rubber gasket sealed doors the necessity of a humidifier isn’t normally so but having a manual top system where no mains water is available is a low-cost worthwhile investment.

A Wine Display Installed In Just ONE day!

Yes, this wine display project was installed in just ONE day, consequently keeping the installation time spent on site to minimal disruption for our client. Furthermore, this contemporary home wine cellar display was completely pre-assembled in our factory. Broken into five complete structural sections that were capable of transporting in and fitting through the property access.

Proper site pre-planning and the installation and testing of the first fix M&E cooling plant is crucial. Our engineers installed the cooling system weeks before the cellar structure, making sure it was fully tested. Implementing any custom designed system will require adjustments and modifications. However, through proper planning our clients experience seamless execution.

This particular custom wine display has definately been one of the most popular design styles in our portfolio. Since the release of this design, it has become the pinnacle of design topic considerations for several of our new wine display themes.

Watch the full factory fabrication and build here on our Youtube

Contemporary Wine Cellar Display Elements:

– Upright solid wood three tier sectioned bottle storage units

– Top tier – individual horizontal dividers with cool down lit spotlights.

– Middle tier – cross box bottle storage

– Lower level – fixed case storage with LED cool strip light.

– CNC turned anodised steel peg racking system with mirrored acrylic back wall and with cool lit spot lighting.

– Satin sprayed top panels in addition to glazed front opening doors.

– CNC turned steel peg racking.

-LED spot lighting

-Acrylic shelf protection

-Removable top box bulkhead

-Concealed Climate Control

-Contemporary Design

-Top up humidification system

-Over 500 bottle capacity storage


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