Basement Custom Wine Cellar

This basement custom wine cellar design has been situated underneath the clients lounge. It features a glazed hydraulic ceiling door and an aluminium balustrade spiral staircase. Boasting a dark open grained timber joinery display with detailed lighting features. This project showcases our first cedar wood lined hybrid custom humidor.
The featured display gives a true sense of showmanship with warm bulkhead LED strip lighting in addition to spotlighting throughout the design.

Basement Custom Wine Cellar Design Elements:

Featuring a basement custom wine cellar in an entertaining space like this is a great way to add a twist of unsuspected amazement for your guests.

The floor elevates exposing the entrance, down through the spiral staircase, where wonders lay below of beautifully stored wine.

This classic wine storage space also features our ergonomically formatted lower wine case storage with under lighting. In addition, the isles feature matching bulk wine storage racks that are perfect for a large collection. Horizontal acrylic wine bottle holders with a mirrored acrylic backdrop also add a contemporary design feature style. The mirrored acrylic further gives a representation of more DEPTH to the basement custom wine cellar racking.

With a custom basement wine cellar like this, the foundation work of a tanked and structurally waterproofed space is critical alongside advanced climate control systems. This will ensure humidity balance and that the clients wine is stored in the perfect environment. Furthermore, it is commonly the lack of this foundation work that is normally present in basement wine cellars.

The back wall bulkhead pictured behind the spiral staircase incorporates a supply and extract ventilation system. In addition to this, the bulkhead conceals the reverse osmosis water filtered cool mist humidifier system. A low level humidity sensing state also provides tight on/off control function of the humidifier. To further ensure structural integrity, the joinery is also of a moisture resistive grade. In a basement like this man made moisture resistive materials should be used over natural porous materials likely to absorb damp

This basement custom wine display has a number of temperature thermistors situated around the racking to gauge a better average temperature and eliminate any hot and cold spots. Often, these issues are present in narrower long displays.
Add a stunning basement custom wine cellar to YOUR home.  Feel free to contact us TODAY!

Design features:

– Perimeter volume racking with low-level perimeter case storage.

– Low-level storage with LED strip lighting

– Concealed Custom climate control – cooling system

– Spiral staircase  fabricated in solid oak with aluminium balustrade

– Cedar Wood Lined Custom Cigar Humidifier Center Feature

– Reverse Osmosis auto top up humidification system

– Wrap around custom oak wine storage joinery

– Polished plaster wall finish also in dark tones

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