Basement Custom Wine Cellar

In most cases a custom wine display forms part of the final stages of home renovation with all the necessary structural and M&E works in place. In particular with an underground basement custom wine cellar, the works needs to be managed in a very precautions manner. This should be set out and managed by qualified and experienced build ground work specialists and M&E consultants. When this is not the case you will end up with a cellar that is unable to stand the test of time against natures elements.

Is your Basement Custom Wine Cellar structural work right?

Vinomagna only work to the highest standards in order to deliver a premium product with a 10 year guarantee. This however means that in order to uphold this guarantee that the correct basement structural water proofing design must be in place. Even a lower ground under stairs custom wine display needs the same careful consideration.

Rising ground water and a failed tanking system unfortunately rendered this project a hefty set back. A nearby lake at the back of the property meant ground water was inevitable from the offset. The cellar was located in the centre of the clients ground floor lounge. The gravity of works to undertake, due the potential ground water risk, was to least say a mammoth of a task. In order to fix the existing failed tanking we proposed no short cut other than to simply start the ground works again.

Basement ground water and condensation water

It is important to remember that there are two fold issues to deal with in these situations. Firstly a submerged sealed chamber pump system installation. This pump will evacuate the rising ground water. It requires a back up pump, back up battery power supply and a high flow alarm. Furthermore, this in turn will need regular service maintenance intervals. If any two of these devices failed there would become a serious risk of the wine cellar flooding.

Secondly, the block work walls require a membrane water proofing application to manage vapour condensation. Water droplets and dew point condensation will form on a surface where warm air comes into contact with the cooler surface. The waterproofing membrane allows for warmer room vapour to condense on the cold wall side and be safely removed. The condensation can travel to the channels and be pumped away as the chamber fills.

Basement Custom Wine Cellar Design Elements:

Featuring a basement wine cellar below an entertaining space like this is a great way to add a twist of unsuspected amazement for your guests.

The lounge floor elevates exposing the entrance, down through the spiral staircase, where wonders lay below of beautifully stored wine.

This classic wine storage space also features our ergonomically formatted lower wine case storage with lighting. In addition, the isles feature matching bulk wine storage racks that are perfect for a large collection. Horizontal acrylic wine bottle holders, with a mirrored acrylic backdrop, add a modern contemporary design feature. The mirrored acrylic gives a representation of more depth to the basement custom wine cellar racking.

The rear custom wine wall behind the spiral staircase incorporates a supply and extract ventilation system. In addition to this, the bulkhead conceals the reverse osmosis water filtered cool mist humidifier system. A low level humidity sensing state also provides tight on/off control function of the humidifier. To further ensure structural integrity, the joinery is also of a moisture resistive grade. In a basement environment, natural porous materials are likely to absorb damp. It is therefore better to use man made moisture resistive materials and timber.

This basement custom wine display has a number of temperature thermistors situated around the racking to gauge a better average temperature and eliminate any hot and cold spots. Often, these issues are present in narrower long displays.

Add a stunning basement custom wine cellar to YOUR home.  Feel free to contact us TODAY!

Design features:

– Perimeter volume racking with low-level perimeter case storage.

– Low-level storage with LED strip lighting

– Concealed Custom climate control – cooling system

– Spiral staircase  fabricated in solid oak with aluminium balustrade

– Cedar Wood Lined Custom Cigar Humidifier Center Feature

– Reverse Osmosis auto top up humidification system

– Wrap around custom oak wine storage joinery

– Polished plaster wall finish also in dark tones

– Collaboration hydraulic glass door by spiral cellars.

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