Custom Wine Cellar Gallery

Welcome to the Vinomagna Custom Wine Cellar Gallery.

We specialise in creating spaces for our clients that are more than just bottle storage and basic wine room designs.  In addition to our custom wine cellar joinery, we also custom configure climate control systems for our client’s specific requirements and tastes to maintain functionality.

Many wine lovers appreciate the fact that wine is fragile and it needs careful attention and the best storage environment to reach its full maturing potential. Temperature, humidity and light and are crucial in preservation. However, the conditions that are conducive to lay down wine for preservation seldom exist in a cellar of an old house that has no climate control. A custom wine cellar installed without the underlying engineering understanding and implementation of a custom wine cellar refrigeration system can cause the drying out of the corks.

At Vinomagna we design and balance custom climate control systems for low latent heat removal. Hench a  traditional wine cellar or wine room storing long term vintage wine would see the incorporation of a humidification control system.

Take a look through our gallery of some of the many custom wine cellar projects we have designed and brought to life.  Feel free to use these for inspiration to create your perfect custom wine cellar or bespoke wine display. When your ready send us your thoughts and requirements of what you would like to achieve in your space TODAY.

Ready to create a showpiece? Call us to book an appointment with our creative director at your home or commercial premises TODAY.


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