Wine With The Midas Touch

Gold Arabesque Bottle

France, the home of champagne and some of the world’s finest wine vineyards, played host to a wine event with a twist. The Gold Arabesque Bottle played centre stage in a host of magnificent wines on display.
The SIAL Paris international food fair showcased an array of wines following one particular trend… ‘alcohol free’. Competitors replaced alcohol for an array of interesting and somewhat unusual ingredients, nothing more spectacular then 24 carat gold.

Gold Arabesque from Domaines Pierre Chavin, featured the gold speck chardonnay in both alcohol free and full alcohol versions. The creators boasted health benefits of the opulent addition such as a reduction in wrinkles and stress relief.. not that we can imagine anyone who sits around drinking gold is likely to be stressed. Developed using traditional wine making methods, the sparkling wine is hand finished with the gold specks, turning the bottle into somewhat of an eye catcher.

Another major trend of the event was the introduction of food sweetener stevia in place of not only alcohol but also sugar. Those that are burdened with watching calories, may like this one, as stevia is up to one hundred times more intently potent then sugar…with the benefit of marginal calories. The wine, proudly named the ‘Silhouet’ will be introduced in three versions: chardonnay, merlot, and a sparkling white.

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