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Top 5 Halloween Inspired Cocktails

Halloween Inspired Cocktails

With all the Tricks and Treats in order for the Halloween gatherings, there’s only one thing left, no celebration is complete without a signature spooky cocktail (or two) to keep your guests ‘dying’ for more. So here at Vinomagna, we’ve taken the hard work out of it for you (you can thank us later).

From amateur cocktail shakers to the connoisseurs of cocktail classes, we have every level covered. Have a go at one of our top 5 spooktacular Halloween inspired cocktails, try adding Blackberries or squid ink to your cocktails to create a subtle dark mood to your drinks display.

For those who require something more elegant than a pumpkin pitcher, we thought of you too.

  1. For the Wine lovers and those who like it simple but sourwe love a ‘Blood Bath’.


12 dashes angostura bitters

1/2 maple syrup

1/2 lemon (juice)

1 ounce Bulleit Bourbon

1 ounce Red Wine ( Cabernet Sauvignon – this is a full-bodied red wine)

Burnt lemon peel for garnish


Simply add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and add ice. Shake and then strain into your cocktail glass, adding a piece of burnt lemon peel to infuse your cocktail with an aromatic smokiness.

  1. For the Champagne fanatics try our Apple Fizz’.


2 ounces of Sour apple schnapps

3/4 ounce triple sec

1 ounce of vanilla vodka

5 ounces of champagne – more if you have a tailored flute


In your shaker add together the sour apple schnapps, vodka vanilla and triple sec with a small amount of ice. After a shake equally split the mixture between 4 champagne flutes, then top up each flute with champagne. This is one of my favourite recipes, not only because it requires minimal time to create, but also the hint of vanilla really is present under the apple tones combined with the champagne.

  1. For the Rum lovers and party throwers….. its our ‘Pumpkin Punch’.


20 ounce can of lychees in syrup

16 brandied cherries

1/4 cup thinly sliced fresh ginger (peeled)

1/4 cup superfine sugar

1/2 cup fresh lime juice

12 ounces dark rum

Three 12 ounce bottles of Ginger Beer


Combine the Lychee syrup and ginger together in a small saucepan and bring to the boil, take off the heat, cover and leave to steep for about 30 minutes.Then here comes the fiddly bit, stuff your lychees with the cherries and place into an ice cube tray – strain the ginger-lychee syrup from the pan into the pockets of the tray and Freeze until solid – this could take approx 5 hours.Next, take your Pitcher, combine the sugar and lime juice and stir, add your choice of rum and chill in the fridge. Finally take out your lychee ‘eyeball’ ice cubes, place into bowl/pumpkin (in our case), drown with the refrigerated lime and rum mixture, top with ginger beer and stir. Serve over lots of ice.

  1. For those slightly more adventurous in cocktail making why not try a ‘Citrus Ghost’.


2 ounces gin

1/2 ounce heavy cream

1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice

1/2 ounce fresh lime juice

3/4 ounce simple syrup

3 dashes orange flower water

1 fresh egg white



Add all the above ingredients except the soda and the ice, into your cocktail shaker, and shake. Shake vigorously until you cannot shake it anymore! The secret rule of this cocktail is that it requires a lot of shaking. Once you’re ‘all shook up’, open your shaker and add the ice, then back to shaking. Give your mixture a good final shake, then strain into a collins glass filled with ice stopping just short of 1cm from the top of the glass. Rinse the shaker with a small amount of soda and add onto the top of cocktail – this will complete your Ghostly Gin Fizz with a nice frothy head.

  1. For the Martini Masters who want to put on a show, the ‘Deadly Dark Purple Fountain’ is the perfect challenge.


Gin/Vodka ( depending on your martini preference)


Dry Ice

Baking soda

Red cabbage ( Yes this contains a water-soluble pH indicator)


Chop up a cabbage leaf and place in a small ball, next add boiling water and allow to steep – you should see a purple pigment starting to take to the water. Pour a teaspoon of the cabbage juice into the bottom of your martini glass, then add a small quantity of the baking soda, enough to make the solution turn blue. Now add your Gin/Vodka preference and some vermouth ( 6:1 is the ratio i usually use) into your glass. The liquid should have turned pale blue, and you’re ready to serve. Just prior to serving to your guests add a cube of dry ice into the glass, the ice will sink and start to bubble. This is now cooling the drink and neutralising the baking soda resulting in a colour change throughout the martini, a great wow factor at any Halloween event.


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