The ‘Art’ of Bugatti

Bugatti Inspired Wine Rooms at Vinomagna

The long awaited announcement from Walter de Silva, who has headed up VW Group’s design since 2007 has confirmed the new Bugatti design is well under way and will not merely be a Veyron replacement, but a “piece of art”.

Expected in 2015/6, all other details on the technology of the next model are being held top secret, only promising that the newest edition to the family will continue the legacy of Bugatti not only being a car but a “lifestyle”. Famed as one of the top sports cars in the world and lusted after since launching in 2005, a mere ten years on, the newest model is speculated to boast an 8l quad turbo engine and speeds that reach a maximum of 270 mph.

Looking now to create a product that will “redefine the benchmarks”, computer simulations of the car predict that amazing top speed, together with a 0-62mph acceleration in 2.3sec.

With an estimated production of less than 500, the new long awaited Veyron already has 5 carbonfibre developmental prototypes on the test track, with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and multi-plate-clutch four-wheel drive system.



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